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3G Auction

At the end of the 34th day and 183 rounds of bidding, the government had a bonanza in its hands, nearly double its initial estimate of Rs 35,000 crore from the sale.At an average of nearly Rs 1,300 crore per circle, Vodafone Essar emerged as the most ‘premium’ buyer among the seven firms that won the auction. Seven of its nine victories belonged to the top ten most expensive circles. Vodafone Essar will pay Rs 11,618 crore —- the second highest amount in the auction.
In a surprise move, Bharti Airtel seemed to have concentrated primarily on the top five circles, including Delhi, Mumbai and the three southern states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Among the notable absences in its wins were lucrative states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab.
There was no taker for a pan-India licence as operators cherry-picked circles.
Bharti will pay Rs 12,295 crore, about 3.5 times the starting price for all-India 3G spectrum and around 25% less than the Rs 16,751 crore that would have fetched a pan-India licence.
Reliance Communications, Aircel and Idea Cellular picked up 11-13 circles each, mostly from the second and third rungs. Chennai-based S Tel picked up 3 small circles for a total of around Rs 337 crore.


Mobile Web Usage Comparision 2008 & 2009


Opera’s Mobile Emulator for Desktop

Opera Software said April 22 it is “making mobile Web testing even easier” with the release of a new emulator for testing the Opera browser on Websites from Windows, Linux and Mac desktop computers.

“With Opera Mobile running on the desktop, developers are relieved of [the burden of] investing time and money in multiple phones for testing. Opera Mobile allows developers to resize the application easily to emulate the wide variety of mobile screen sizes. The Opera Widgets Mobile Emulator similarly helps developers test their mobile widgets directly from their computers. Both these applications can be used in tandem with Opera Dragonfly [a JavaScript debugger], significantly lowering the barrier to mobile debugging,” Opera said.

“With more people accessing the Web from their phones, optimizing and tweaking Web content for display on phones is increasingly important,” Bovens said in a statement. “By making a version of Opera Mobile available for normal desktop computers, [Opera Software has made it so that] developers are now able to create mobile optimized Websites and widgets quickly and efficiently, without investing in multiple testing devices.”

me at HFI Bangalore

I attended the HFI session held at Bangalore on july16 to july21.

Focus Group

A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which a group of people are asked about their attitude towards a Website. Questions are asked in an interactive group setting where participants are free to talk with other group members.

From this we can learn users’ attitudes, beliefs and their reactions to prototypes.

Task analysis

Task analysis is one of the User centered design methods of learning about user’s goals,what they want to do at the site, and their ways of working.

From this we will come to know the user’s goal, what they do to achieve the goal and how they are influenced by their physical environment.

Importance of Usability

usability is a necessary condition for survival. user’s leave if a web site is difficult to use, If the homepage fails to clearly state what a company offers and what users can do on the site, they leave.

By following a usability engineering process, user’s abilities to find information and satisfaction with Web sites improve significantly, which in turn increases company productivity.

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