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ROI of Usability

ROI (or return on investment) refers to the returned value in profit or productivity that can be attributed to a given investment. When the investment is lower than the resulting gains, we get a positive ROI.

The returns generated from investments in website and software development are measured. Improving the usability of a website can
increase sales,
reduce customer service calls,
increase customer satisfaction.

For intranets and timesheets systems, improving usability can
increase productivity by reducing the time to complete a task,
reducing the error rate,
increasing satisfaction.

Most of these improvements can be quantified by measuring saved time, gained revenues, and increased productivity.Building usability into the processes can reduce development costs, reduce development time, and ultimately improve the end product.



GOMS stands for Goals, Operators, Methods and Selection rules.It is an approach to Human Computer Interaction observation developed by card, moran and newell in 1983.

Goals represent the goal that the user is trying to achieve
Operators are the set of automatic-level operations with which user use’s to attain the goal.
Methods represent the sequence of operations grouped together toattain a goal.
Selection rules it is used to decide which method to use when several are applicable for solving a goal.

Variations of GOMS:
CMN-GOMS Variation
KLM-GOMS Variation
CPM-GOMS Variation
NGOMSL variation

Human Computer Interaction

It is the art and science of making computer applications more usable to user’s to achieve their goals.If the interaction is not usable to the user they leave the site,if they are employees company’s productivity decreases.

Benefits of usable interaction:
Increased sales and revenue
Increased customer satisfaction
Increased Productivity
Reduced maintenance costs
Decreased training costs

10 Best Intranets of 2006

Allianz Australia Insurance, Australia
ALTANA Pharma AG, Germany
Bank of Ireland Group, Ireland
Capital One, USA
Merrill Lynch, USA
METRO Group, Germany
O2, UK
Staples, USA
Vodafone Group, UK

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