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GetMo – Google’s new scheme aims to get more UK businesses mobile

Google has launched GetMo, a campaign to help British businesses create mobile-friendly versions of their websites.

GetMo offers a free tool to test any website’s mobile compatibility, a report with suggestions on how to improve it, and information on mobile consumer trends.

The Google campaign offers a “GetMoMeter” tool for companies to see how their current website looks on a mobile phone. It also analyses the site, providing a free report with personalised recommendations tailored to how a business can build a more mobile-friendly experience.

The GetMo site also contains several guides and a list of 10 important considerations for a successful mobile website.

Adobe Shadow

Adobe Shadow is a cross-platform app for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS-powered devices that lets front-end developers remotely test, debug and inspect their web projects on various screen sizes and OSes.

The method involves installing Adobe Shadow desktop application and Chrome extension on PC, and the mobile client on your smartphone/tablet. Provided all the devices are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection, all you need to do is pair them to the computer using a unique passcode. Form thereon, you can remotely browse and sync your projects across various devices. Any changes made to the original code of the website are immediately reflected on each connected device.

If your Webpage look great on the PC, but horrible on iphone or android devices, you can use the Chrome browser’s built-in debugging tools to tweak your code until you have achieved cross-platform perfection.

The Shadow app requires atleast iOS 4.2 (iPhone 3 or greater) or Android 2.2. Shadow app for windows and blackberry are not available as of now.

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