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10 Best Intranets of 2011

* AMP Limited (Australia), a wealth management company
* Bennett Jones LLP (Canada), one of Canada’s largest law firms
* Bouygues Telecom (France), a telecom, mobile, fixed, TV, and Internet communications services company
* Credit Suisse AG (Switzerland), a global financial services company
* Duke Energy (US), an electrical power holding company
* Habitat for Humanity International (US), a non-profit, non-denominational Christian housing ministry
* Heineken International (The Netherlands), a leading brewer and owner and manager of a portfolio of beer brands
* KT (Republic of Korea), an information, communications, and technology company
* Mota-Engil Engenharia e Construção, S.A. (Portugal), a leading construction enterprise
* Verizon Communications (US), a provider of wired and wireless broadband and communications services to US consumers, as well as of global business networking, data, and managed solutions to enterprises worldwide.



Google TV

Google TV is an internet-connected television platform. It was announced by Google on May 20, 2010 at Google’s Google I/O event and was co-developed by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech. Google TV integrates Google’s Android operating system and Google Chrome browser to create “a new experience for television”. Google TV officially launched October 6, 2010 with devices from Sony and Logitech.

Google TV leverages many of Google’s existing products. Google’s Android operating system provides the underlying foundation, allowing developers to create applications that extend the system’s functionality. Google’s Chrome browser provides a gateway to the Internet, allowing consumers to browse web sites and watch television, in tandem. Consumers can access HBO, CNBC, and content from other providers through the Chrome browser. Partners have built applications that allow customers to access content in unique ways. Netflix, for example, has built an application that allows customers to access Netflix’s large library of movies and television shows. Android and soon Apple phones will be used as remote controls for Google TV. Google TV products ship with wireless remote controls with a full QWERTY keypad.

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