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Mobile Web usage still on the rise: Opera

In March 2009, more than 23 million people used Opera Mini, a 12.1 percent increase from February 2009 and more than 157 percent increase from March 2008. Those users viewed more than 8.6 billion pages in March 2009. Since February, page views have gone up 17.4 percent, Opera reports.

Year over year, page views have increased 255 percent.

The growth in data transfers also highlights the value Opera Mini offers to carriers. In March 2009, Opera Mini served 148 million megabytes of data to handsets worldwide.
In all but two of the top 10 countries, the highest level of Opera Mini use is at the tail end of the day – from 8pm to midnight. In Indonesia, Opera Mini is used most between noon and 4pm. In China, Opera Mini is used most between 8am and noon.

An interesting finding was that the mobile Web is booming in Latin America.
From March 2008 to March 2009, overall page views in the top 10 countries listed increased 673 percent. From March 2008 to March 2009, overall unique users in the top 10 countries listed increased 164 percent. From March 2008 to March 2009, overall data transferred in the top 10 countries listed increased 510 percent.

As millions of people each month discover the Web through Opera Mini, content providers have an incredible opportunity to seize competitive advantage in this new medium,” Mr. von Tetzchner said. “By simply ensuring their content works on any device, they will open themselves to the next generation of Web users.


Use of Social network via mobile rises

The factor driving uptake of the mobile Internet in Europe is social networking, according to a new study by comScore.

The figures show a 152% year-on-year increase in the number of Europeans using mobile social networks such as Facebook and MySpace. Now, just over 12 million people in the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy are accessing social network sites from their mobile phones.

While the average mobile social networking penetration is 5%, the U.K. tops the charts with 9.2% of users accessing social sites from their mobile phones followed by Spain and Italy. Germany sits at the bottom with just 3.3%.

Almost a third of those using their mobiles to visit social networking sites (29.7%) don’t visit any other Internet sites other than the social networks. Women are heavier users of mobile social networks than men – 48% v. 32% – found the study.

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