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Usability in T.V Remotes

Why most of the T.V Remote doesn’t have a indicator or marker in the Number 5 button

All other devices like mobile phones, Keyboards, Landline Phones has a indicator or marker in the number 5 button to easily identify for the visually challenged People.

There is a serious need to have an indicator in TV remotes, when compared with the sighted people the visually challenged people don’t watch TV, but “There is always a possibility for them to listen to news, conversation, or music on TV.”

Even when the sighted people use TV remotes during night hours and when the light is off, often there is a chance of pressing the button 2 or 8 instead of 5.

Consider a scenario the user is watching the T.V during night hours and he want to change the channel to his favorite channel which is in channel number 55, he have a chance of pressing 85, 52, 25 for pressing 55.

So it is mandatory to have an indicator in the number 5 button in TV remotes.

Look at the size of the power button, it is of same size of the number buttons, they have changed only the color to green, there is a chance of pressing button 1 or instead of pressing 1 you may end up with pressing the Power button.

The size of the power button can be made larger when compared to number buttons.


Reverse Cardsort

In this method we present the list of categories in the Information Architecture and a list of selected items in the site’s content and asking the participant to palce where each item can be found in the list.

By this method we learn:
User’s mental model of how they expect content to be organized
User grouping of what item’s most user’s grouped together
Whether the structure suports navigation
Whether the label makes sense to users.

Reverse cardsort can be done in face to face UT, In a remote UT, By email.


CAPTCHA” is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”.

If you posted a comment,or ordered something online you have seen captcha.CAPTCHAs have also found active use in stopping automated posting to blogs or forums.

A method prevent robots from automatically submitting forms on a Web site by requires a person to visually view text in an image and enter its value in the form, which robots cannot do.

The Worst part of CAPTCHA is User’s are not able to understand what is written in the image,yet there are some irritating captchas, which results in user gets frustrated and leaves the site. Drop-off rate increases due to bad captchas.

Good captcha should be easy to understand and straight forward.User should be able to view the text in a image when they see.

KISS Principle

The term KISS stands for “Keep It Simple, Stupid”, and the KISS principle states that design simplicity should be a key goal and unnecessary complexity avoided. It serves as a useful and frequent verbal exhortation (or even dedicated policy) in software development, animation, engineering, and in strategic planning.

Other versions of the phrase include “Keep It Simple & Stupid”, “Keep It Sweet & Simple,” “Keep It Short & Simple,” “Keep it Simple, Sweetheart,” and “Keep it Simple, Sherlock,” and the obvious scatological variation.

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